Saturday, September 22, 2007


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started this discussion, and it was very interesting. I'm sure most of our children raised in Church/Christian home have come up with their own theology. Here's one of mine. My 18 yr old has left us with many, this is just one.
What do you have?

This was some 13 yrs ago. Our youngest was in Christian School. she was in 1st grade. They had evidently been talking about satan, and the part he plays in the evil that happens here on earth. That night she came home and needed to have a very serious talk about what they learned in school. (her daddy, a marine at the time was stationed in Japan, so no help was coming on the advice front)She said since the devil was to blame for all this evil going around, she felt that if he would just accept Jesus Christ as his savior, all would be made right in the world. She asked if we could start praying for his salvation. I made a few attempts at explaining he knew exactly who Jesus was, but was not at all interested in salvation. Pretty much the impossibility of the whole thing. But she was not having any part of it. She said, “you told me ANYBODY could except Jesus as their savior” and I want to pray that the devil will accept Jesus into his heart. So I threw theology to wind for a month and we prayed the devil would accept Jesus as his Lord & Savior! NOt theologically correct, I know. But I also know that God knows the heart of a 6 year and her good intentions. I’ll treasure her zest for knowing salvation is for all who accept it, till the day I meet that wonderful Savior face to face.


Perri said...

Just yesterday - Ryan said that God loves Satan and we should too, because we are supposed to love EVERYONE because God said to.

Still working on that one.

Nobody said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I have drifted over to your blog a few times, and got a laugh about you plague carriers. Ringworm has been the bane of our existence. With two of four we have totally eliminated it. With hubby who got it, we nailed it quickly. But two children scratch and hide it like it's an Olympic sport. One day hubby asked why I thought they still had it, and I snapped, "It's their sin nature coming out through their skin." Judging by their complete lack of cooperation in treating it, and their determination to keep spreading it, I'm not so sure I was far off the mark. :)

Nobody said...

your...I meant your

Nobody said...

Thanks again for the kind words. Can you tell I am blowing off steam? My blog is where I do it kindly, and gently, and politely. I don't always do it that way you know! :) Yes, you may share, and I hope it is an encouragement. I sometimes fear I am contributing to the hysteria. People have so many fears about these children, and it is certainly not without reason. But there is so much work to be done, and it requires courage to do it. I only wish I wasn't such a whiny wimp most of the time!