Thursday, September 06, 2007


This past weekend we went to visit my mother in law who is 92 years old. We were talking about how her brother and sister died in their 90's and her sister in particular when she was 92. She went on to say she was "kindly afraid of turning 92" seeing how her sister died when she was 92. She said she didn't know many people who made it to their 90's. My husband trying to reassure her said,"the oldest woman is something like 116, I bet you can beat her" My mother in law laughed and said, "well, SHE'S so old I bet she can't even wiggle!"
Coming from a woman who still keeps her house, plants a garden and mows an acre of lawn by herself. It was funny.
Until I realized I was 42 and some days I find it hard to even wiggle. Let alone vaccuum.


rena said...

Cute. Sounds like a fiesty one!

Heidi Kellems said...

I know this lady who lived to be 3 weeks shy of 100. She was my next door neighbor while I was growing up. Sweetest Lady I have ever known/met. I still think about her often.