Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I really should proof read my entries before I post

Why didn't anybody tell me, that I am a terrible typer,speller and proof reader?
I go back and reread my posts and think, "what were you thinking or not thinking? A 6 yr old would've caught that!"
Thanks guys. I'll be sure and tell YOU next time your slip is showing. 'Cause that's what good friends DO!


Heidi Kellems said...

I didn't make any comment on yours because I don't really know you. I also felt you were typing it in frustration and the thought of somebody correcting me when I am frustrated makes me all the more tense. I can proofread well (Ask Perri I correct her A LOT it seems). I just also felt I read into your post and didn't want to bother you.

Perri said...

EXACTLY why I didn't. I could tell you must have been pouring out your heart and typing a hundred words a minute.

The panic and frustration was shining through - who needs correcting then?

Heidi was right when she said she corrects me all the time. She's like my own little editor. Sometimes I think I should just email them to her FIRST and then post them.

Cheryl said...

Hey...thanks for coming over. Yes, I am an older mother...46 when the little man was born and he is 8 now...you do the math. When I put him in school...preschool, I thought I would be the OLDEST PARENT in his school...wrong...there was a couple who had been trying for years to get pregnant. This was a second marriage for him and had grown kids. After years and years of trying, they gave up...you guessed it...she ended up pregnant... At the time I met them, he was in his mid 60's and she was in her 40's. There are more older mommies out there than you think...whatever your question or concerns are...just give me an email and we can "talk"...you are jut days away now...