Friday, June 23, 2006

You know it's hot in Georgia when....

You KNOW it's hot in Ga. when the kudzu is dieing in JUNE! Hot and dry, dry, dry!
I love kudzu. it is beautiful. Of course my husband thinks I'm crazy, but so what?
Kudzu is a lovely toparary, I know I spelled that wrong, how about a nice leafy covering of all it comes in contact with. an abandoned car, a phone pole, a hill of Georgia clay. It all becomes a loverly kudzu covered piece of art work.
So needless to say it breaks my heart to see the heat and draught kill my beautiful kudzu. It looks so sad, all droopy and brown this time of year. It should be working on putting forth it's most beautiful and plentiful purple flowers that I think smells like grape bubblegum but my uncooth husband says smells like the urinal cakes they put in men's restrooms. I'll just have to take his word on that one.
It is so unnatural to see kudzu dieing this time of year...........I thing I will go water the state of GA. wait we have a water ban.
come back little kudzu


Cheryl said...

Hey girl,

You are not a blogging failure by any stretch of the imagination. Just have fun with it. By the way, even though I live in Texas I do know what kudzoo(sp?) is. I have a brother who lives in the Atlanta area and I remember when we drove to Georgia and saw the Kud??? It is quite beautiful, but rather prolific from what I hear. Keep blogging sister!

Cheryl said...

Okay is Tuesday the fourth...I'm waiting on another blog to read...smiles to you Mizz Goiga! from Mizz Texahs

D said...

yellow mama is just the sweetest, most incouraging person I "know".
I just love her and don't know why!