Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A blogging failure

I am so sad :(
I am a blogging failure.
I love yellow mama, she so funny & hits this walk with Christ thing right on & she can spell.
I luvvvvvv Joshilyn Jackson, soo articulate, funny, writes great books.
Natalie collins is great too, a little pregnant is hularious, pith, marrow & coffe spoons makes me laugh & she too can spell.
Why oh Why is my life so boring, at the very least I could articulate the boringness of my life, but NOOOOOOOO.
I need a writing class
and a more adventursome life.....................and spell check

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

thank goodness for spell check. Plus...I have a hubby who corrects something just about every time he reads one of my blogs. He is very helpful!

How can you fail? You can't. Just express what you are thinking or are feeling and don't worry about the masses out there. No one is judging you, so you shouldn't judge yourself. Write about the first thing that come to mind even if it is about what being bored is....Smiles