Thursday, May 04, 2006


has anyone had to go to the unemployment office recently?
I hope no one out there has to actually feed/support a family on this. I know they aren't supposed to make it easy for you to lay around drawing a ck. But good grief! A friend who went with me, had worked for 35 yrs same place, full time, ect ect. only got 21 weeks! and barely enough for gass money. I don't understand our governmnet sometimes.
I thought I'd like staying at home for a while. But after only 4 days I don't what to do with myself. When I worked the laundry got done everynight, dishes, ect. But now? Where does the day go? Maybe I'm not cut out to be a house wife, or maybe it'll get better.
any recommendations?

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Cheryl said...

I'm currently job hunting. My hubby had to do the unemployment office many years ago...rather humbling to say the least.

I know what you mean about getting everything done when you are working. I've stayed home most of my married life and found that it was still important to get up and somewhat schedule certain days...not all of them.

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