Tuesday, May 02, 2006

MAY 2, 2006

I just love the title of this blog. It sums up the basic things I need in life.
hmmm, there are a few more, but there's no room in the title thingie.
I need:
*a relationship with God
*my husband
*my kids to be good and do what I tell them to do. Mommy stills knows best,even when your 24,20&17.
*my blakieblakie boy
*I need to live in the mountains & just not any old mountain either. I still need to convince my husband I'm going to die if I don't.
*to drop 20 pounds
*need to go back to school, but I'm too lazy
I NEED TO FIND ANOTHER GOOD JOB, LIKE THE ONE I JUST LOST, due to NO fault of my own. The **I worked for decided to retire :(
Off we go to the unemployment office. I bet this is going to be so much fun!
I'll tell you all about it later..........

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