Wednesday, September 05, 2012

We've had visitors

I've only ever had the privilege of smelling skunks along the roadside. You know, as driving down
the road and the whiff of skunk hits you for the next 5 miles, and you realize you just passed a dead one.
The guy/girl was merrily skipping through my backyard as dusk one night. At first I thought it was a huge cat. The closer it got, the more I realized there was no way that huge thing was a cat. Then it turned and I saw the white strip down it's back. Beautiful creature, but the husband said he could smell him the next morning when he went out to get in the car. Talk about leaving a lingering scent!
Does anyone know how to keep skunks away? With my luck, it was scouting a location to set up housekeeping.

Can you see this guy?
I was minding my own business, sitting on the porch swing when I noticed a brick moved!
On closer inspection, it was the biggest gray preying mantis I've ever seen.
It was so big even the Boy didn't want to catch it. I even think I heard it say,"leave me alone Boy".

THEN the very same day I went to deadhead some flowers and this guy scared me to death.
He was long and skinny and blended right in with the greenery.
Who knew preying manis' came in so many different colors?!

Here's hoping the next visitor isn't a bear or something.


Mari said...

I hope the visitors don't get any worse either. A bug isn't so bad, but the skunk...not so much!

Kathleen Benckendorf said...

If the next one's a bear, sick the big praying mantises on him.