Friday, March 30, 2012

Sometimes you just have to know when to throw in the towel

And there is nothing like being kicked in the head and stomach that says,"Girlfriend, you're insane. You DO NOT have to do this. They don't care what you're going through with these kids.
But really the straw that broke the camel's back was the girl "chest butting" the Boy as he continually walked away from her assaults. Mess with my kid and I can be mama from hell.
Had it been any other circumstance or kid and I would have been in some mama's face.
I realized The Boy did not sign up to live his life like this, we did. And what kind of idiot would I be if I could not protect my own son from these assaults? If he treated these kids the way they treated him, I would have Hades to pay.
Tomorrow morning I will bid a fond farewell to these two and mark it up to experience.
I like to think I know my limits. I pray for them a placement* that can truly meet the therapeutic*/medical* needs they have.
On the other front, the husband/my sanity has been gone for what seems like years. In reality it's been 10 very long days.
We are hunting desperately for a home in the new state, but everything is either in a subdivision (never again) falling down or crazy expensive. This may take awhile.


Mari said...

Good for you! You've done your best and now you have to take care of your family and yourself. It's sad that things have reached this level.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry the placement did not work out, but SO GLAD that you were able to see the limitations of what can be done, and stood up so firmly for The Boy. Much love to you.

StarfishMom said...

You're doing the right thing. Like with Arizona and LiL Man...they were 1 and 2. The only thought that constantly ran through my head was 'how they can be so unparented at 1 and 2?!?'. THe Boy comes first.

P.S.-Where are you moving to? NY!!!!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Hugs to you!! Thats alot to go thru!
Hang in there!!


We put up with so much from foster children who are damaged becuae this is what we do and are good at it. But...there comes a time when it is too destructive on your own family and we rarely recognize it until it is too late. I recently spoke with a foster mom whose adult son barely speaks to her now because she spent more time and energy on the medically complex foster children than her birth children. I have another friend whose children live with their dad and will not speak to her at all and foster care did not help the situation.It is a big problem many of us fail to recognize until it is too late. I'm glad you recognized it and did something about it. I know how hard it is, though.