Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sorry, I fell into Pinterest...

while trying to escape my life.
It's not been a good couple of months. (Just keeping it real and letting the real life stuff flow here.)
With my dad passing away, the drama there. I've had bronchitis twice. My husband once, and the boy has not felt so good either.
A daughter with an unplanned pregnancy/birth & an unplanned life. Mental is a thief and a liar. I hate it and the *birth parents who did God only knows what while pregnant.
I can choose not to be apart of the drama, but there is still an innocent baby that didn't ask for the Crazy.
If that's not enough to drive my over the edge, *da-gobernut (new term the current bparents use for ^df@c$) The two new kids have more issues than *southern living*. And the "*SW can't be bothered to call me back. Meanwhile the girl(age 5) pees on anything that moves and lies for a hobby.Seriously lies. You can't believe a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g that comes out of her mouth. Honest. She wets in a pull up. I have her take it off. I hold up a 5 lb pee soaked pull up and say WHY did you pee in the pull up when you were sitting next to the BATHROOM? Her: I didn't pee. Really you didn't pee in this pull up? No, it's dry. Are you kidding me? You are telling me this pull up is dry? It stinks like pee and weighs 5 lbs, you didn't pee? this is dry? Yes ma'am. I really almost called my husband to come see if it was wet. Because she said it with such conviction, I thought maybe I was losing my mind and she was right! This is a first in 7 yrs for me. I've never had kids like this, just bad *SW & crazed ^bparents^. I will stick to my 0-3 rule in the future.
Her 3 yr old brother is much better. He actually trys to go to the potty and even wakes up dry.
Needless to say these kids need therapy. But I've got to get someone to answer my phone calls/emails.
If you don't hear from me in a couple of weeks, go look for me on Pinterest. I've fallen in and can't get back out.


Mari said...

Yeesh! Sounds crazy and too much to deal with.
Pinterest - I love it!


Ah yes. Exactly one of the main reasons I left foster after 14 years. The SW's. Not the kids.

Anonymous said...

Next time, say "If it's dry, then you should wear it on your head...."

Anonymous said...

try 0-3 MONTHS! my two with those issues came home at two years of age. I will never take another placement that I don't pick up from the hospital. seriously. these traumatized kids are enough to drive a person crazy!