Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving ?

I've never been sure what the proper greeting for this holiday is.
Happy, Merry, Have A ...
What ever you say, I hope you had lots of good food to eat & nothing to clean up.

Our friend from last year, Two-U (u as in umbrella) I have no idea why the boy named him Two-U, to-u. I'm unsure of the spelling. He landed on what we call our Japanese clock.
He is not your conventional "elf on a shelf", he was a DIY elf and I made the story up as I went along. It makes it alot easier on us older mama's who have a hard time remembering what it's supposed to be doing. If he/me forgets to move/do something mischievous one night, I can always make up a story about him getting in late one night when traffic was bad on the way back from walmart/north pole. 'Cause I'm lazy/forgetful like that.

Happy, Merry, Have A Great Thanksgiving!

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