Sunday, October 23, 2011

If wishes were pennies...

I wish once again I could put into words what's going on with Bitsy's case right now.
Mom isn't even doing the bare minimum. Like keeping men from coming and going in her new apartment. Still feeding her candy & ice cream to her for dinner (all her teeth are rotted out) She claimed to the psych. dr that she thought ice cream was dairy and good for her, not a sugary thing. BUT still, children ages 0=3 are put back with *Bparents at what seems like to me, at all costs.
On one hand I had a baby in my home for 3 years and had to beg them *TPR after so long. Then they rush to put a baby back in the home where *drugs & filth* and dubious people are in and out of the home all the time.
I don't get it. No one is on board with her going back right now not to say she shouldn't ever go back. She should. But when *mom has parented sober/clean for more than 3 weeks.
There is no rime nor reason to this crap. I could beat my head against the wall till Jesus comes back and never understand their reasoning. And please don't be deluded that anyone asks my opinion OR the therapist THEY hired.


Mari said...

It's just crazy! And if it makes me mad, I can only imagine how you feel!
PS - Bob isn't doing Santa's this year. He has been working non-stop on special orders so no time for anything else.

Kellie with an "ie" said...

Tragic. Absolutely tragic.

Reighnie said...

It is crazy how much they let bio parents get away with. They destroy the child and the system helps them do it, but don't let an adoptive parent fail to fix the child/be unable to parent the child in order to keep others safe and they are after them so quick as if they were the ones who damaged the child in the first place. It is so messed up.


One of the main reasons I quit after 14 years. The system is more screwed than the birth parents.