Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Memory dump ........

Not because I will ever forget these women.
But because I don't want to forget the details.
I had the privilege to meet the most awesome women I have ever known. And I have known some pretty incredible,strong woman in my life time.

Where do I even start? I will pose the question that one of these women posed in the van from the airport on the way to our Amazing house: What mother in their right mind would ever allow their children to meet someone on line, (some of us have "known" each other for years thru our blogs)but still. Fly from all over the U.S and Canada to a place some have never been to and stay with complete stranger, in a house for 4 days? Many of us, dare I say most of us stepped out of our comfort zone. WAyyyyy out of our comfort zone, to be with other mothers just like ourselves.
Because you just don't find support for what we do in our daily lives in your next door neighbor.
Some things I never want to forget is:
A hot tub is a very therapeutic place
*10 were at the house where I stayed, but there were around 70 total!!
When there's 10 women in a house, dinner is cooked, cleaned up and messes are minimal.
No one notices or cares when you walk around in your jammies with no bra.
or your cellulite.
It is really work to understand what a ska ma-shal is saying to you. They have a language of their own, as well as being funny, & they give good advice when you can understand them...she can't help it, bless her heart.
I am sorely tempted to move to TX, so The Boy will have the most awesome 4th grade teacher, I've ever known. She Sooo came up with the best blog title I've heard of.
A local mom that I wish was my neighbor. A kinder, gentler heart I have never met.
A little CanadaGirl, who stole my heart with her knowledge & sweetness I will never forget. From this day foreword I never see a napkin again without a secret smile.
2 women from "a far off,snowy place" who are strong, who put their effort where their mouths are. I couldn't even comprehend raising the children one of them does and then dealing with the "work" part of their lives. Strong women.
The kinda close-by me-Mom that I've "known" for awhile- strong, beautiful,funny, wonderful and why can't she live closer?
The mom who is a Flower ;) lovely,graceful,wise,funny. Oh, why can't they live right in my neighborhood.
The musical instrument--full of wisdom and beauty, but will fight for everything her child needs...really fight.
Sitting and doing nothing is Therapy...good therapy.
Talking into the night about your story, their story, without judgement, without gasps, or "are you crazy" looks, are worth more than all the therapy I could afford. It is cleansing, it is.....more, more,more than I can put on paper.
It is truly something you have to experience to KNOW.
I will never forget this weekend or these incredible women I got to know.


Mari said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time with amazing women!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad. I had a feeling that because I never saw the women from your house, you were getting exactly what you needed, which is just what I wanted for all of you. xoxo

Lisa said...

So, so happy that I was able to be with you IRL. Your kind spirit shines through like a beacon and you'll never know how that touched me. I am comforted just knowing you are just a few hours away.

The Accidental Mommy said...

Spot on:
sitting and doing nothing is therapeutic
talking about your story without judgement or gasps is more than I can put on paper

Isn't it?!?!?!!!

Mothering4Money said...

Looking forward to the cruise! Where are we going anyway? And who is organizing this thing? LOL


ali said...

i just ran ovuh my fathuh with my cahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you girlie. until we meet again-hugs and kisses from your favorite sky maaaaaaahhhhshull.

ali said...

ps. bless ya haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhht

Nobody said...

I was so glad to meet you and hear your voice, even if it was only for a short time, that first day by the pool. Also so glad you had a wonderful time, and made some good connections. For now I'll say, "See you in bloggyland!"