Sunday, November 14, 2010

I feel sick, really sick

Things are gonna change around here. Or should I say words.
I follow alot of *foster/adoption* blogs, like alot of you do.
But recently I've noticed they've just went away without explanation.
Tonight while following a few "do you know what happened to.."questions and links, I found the reason most of these blogs just turned the lights out.
They were found by *bfamlies* or *sW* or depts* ect. And deemed "irresponsible" or a danger, ect, ect. Had their kids taken away, license pulled & big law suits filed.
I realized after I followed info on one of the *blogs that not only were they in my *state, but county*.
I have very recently made my share of &Sw* MAD. So I will not push my luck.
I can't say if what they*thefostr*family were doing was right, wrong or otherwise. But what I will say, is I will not make the hunt theydfacs* seem to be on, any easier.
Yes, we have the freedom to speak our minds...never mind, I'm not even going to go there.
I just want to let you know, I know how to spell (some times) & how to use spell checker, but words may look a little funny around here and you will probably have to read between the lines, but you'll get the idea. I've tried to go back and fix the last year's posts because I've gotten pretty lazy with names/initials.
Some of the stories are horrifying. I don't know if this is a new "witch hunt" or not. Because the stories I found were from all over, not just around here.
Have any of your favorite blogs just "went away"?


Mari said...

I don't blame you for doing this, and I can read between your lines!
Some of my blogs have gone away but not for this reason.

StarfishMom said...

You can always go private. You have my blogs private address...right!??!

jwg said...

Quite a few have gone, particularly by people with a penchant for honesty. I just wish if they were going private they'd give some warning so we could beg and plead to be included.

Mothering4Money said...

It sucks, right? They don't go after the ones who are all pro See Pee S. It's the bloggers who show the tough realities and the flaws in the system that get taken down.



I let my foster license lapse after 14 years because i couldn't handle the abuse by the system any more. It is out of control and there a lot of certifiably sick workers out there.

Foster Mama said...

I had to make mine private ue to a bmom finding it. Sucks! I mae it so potential foster parents know what they were really getting into and now it has to be private. I hate it!