Friday, November 27, 2009

Random photos..Because I am no where near organized

These are just a few random photos.
The Boy would NOT touch the sand. We had to put a towel down for him to sit on, on Disney's private island. So he sat on a towel and dug in the sand. Go figure. The only character pictures he would take was the first 2 days. Mickey in the terminal and chip and dale on the island. After that he was done with them. On Grand Cayman we visited the sea turtle sanctuary, which he loved. we saw turtles from 2500 lbs to 1 lb. It's an amazing set up they have to protect the sea turtles. He LOVED holding the turtles.
Ice cream on a 85 degree beach?? Is it ever a good idea? He thought so.
The little boat you see in front of the Disney Magic is the original pirate ship from Pirates of The Caribbean. Really cool ship to see.
In one of the restaurants they surprised us with the decorated plate for our anniversary. We never even told them that The Boy's birthday was the week after we got off the boat and the last night of the cruise after dinner they brought out a cake with the Disney Magic in chocolate to him for a Birthday cake. No detail gets passed them. It was amazing!
Our itinerary was Cape Canaveral, Disney's private island, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Disney's private Island and 2 sea days. Loved it! If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. We loved it and are planning on doing a 4 night in 2011.
I'll be posting more photos as I get to them.

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