Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Fun

Our summer has been nice and lazy. Which is good.
-First we have the swimming lessons that were not to be. He went 2 days and said he was not getting in the water with a stranger. What's a mom to say to that. We didn't go back.
-He decided playing in the sprinkler with goggles on, was alot more fun.
-He's future is so bright, he has to wear sunglasses inside.
-We learned the hard way this summer that The Boy does not digest dye. I have stayed away from giving him food/drink with dyes, but the time must come when big sister gives you gross colored candy...and it comes out the other end the exact same color...yuk
-The time also came when mommy went to the Dr and big sister watched The Boy and showed him how to play computer games on her computer. Now he drives mommy crazy with his new ability to play on the computer.
- Every boy being potty trained must wear a cowboy hat while waiting for the next go at the potty.
What a busy summer we've had around here.


Kellie with an "ie" said...

What a fun summer! The Boy is getting so big!

StarfishMom said...

The Boy is ADORABLE!!! He has this 'look' about him...does he get away with EVERYTHING???!?! :)

Anonymous said...

He is getting bigger.I am kind of sad to see Summer start to fade out,And the school routine begin.Were still weighing our options on staying or going with fostercare.We want another adoptive placement,we just dont want all the drama.Tkae care,Jill