Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mommy, Can you take a Picture of ......

Take a Picture Me sleeping Mommy!

Take a picture of my knee!

See My Teeeefff mommy?

Can you see me, Mommy?

Take a picture of my hand!

Take a picture of my EYEEEEE!

Take a picture of my nose!

The Boy comes into the room with the camera and out of the blue starts telling me what to take pictures of. After I would take each picture he had to see them in the view finder! Where this boy comes up with this stuff is beyond me. He is FUNNY!
There's about a million more, but I'll spare you.
Still no foster care calls. I wonder what's going on.


Liz said...

in texas they (cps) are barely removing any kids. we are open and waiting too!- i dont know what state you are in, but maybe that is going on in your neck of the woods also?

Perri said...

Such cute pictures. I love all the expressions.

Momto5 RachelJoy Photography said...

how sweet.!!

The Brothers said...

Whew! Wish I could send some Oregon foster babes your way...everyone is absolutely maxed out/boardering on unsafe numbers in our county. The meth is absolutely rampant!
Just recently our caseworker drove around to her foster family appointments with an 8 month old in her car all day. There was simply no one to take him afetr he was removed. Luckily one of the families on her route couldn't resist him and he stayed with them!

...and such cute pics of little guy :)
I also posted some pics which will help the both of us feel less defeated about the potty training.

Becca said...

Little kids love having their pictures taken, it is so cute!

Anita said...

LOVE the pics! He's funny and adorable!

No foster care calls? Our SW keeps telling us they aren't taking custody of as many kids as they used to because there are SOOO many services available to families these days.

Nicole said...

awwww hahaha!