Sunday, December 02, 2007


Why after realizing that there was a forgotten 18 year in our house, that fingerprints were need, didn't they realize at the same time that said 18 year old would also need a drug screen? don't these people do this for a living? Do they not do these things (adoptions) all the time? Now that the fingerprints are back.(yeah, yeah) NOW, they forgot she also needs drug screened. They didn't know that before? This is really becoming crazy. This boy has TPR done for 6 MONTHS NOW. There is NO reason why this wasn't done 4 months ago. They keep coming up with all these,"oh, just one more thing." they should add to drive you crazy with.
I just don't get this "system". You would think that they would want these kids out of the system and "off the payroll, so to speak ASAP. It's not like we're a new placement for him. He's lived with us since day one of being taken out of the home. 18 months to be precise. 6 months of that TPR has been done. I just do not get it.
Can anyone shed any light on this? We've been foster parents for going on 4 years. There is NOTHING that they don't know about us or have documented.
Sometimes I just shake me head. It really is a different existance we live in this foster care war.
OHHHHh, and to make matters worse, a little one we have, who just turned 1 today, has an over zealous CASA, who thinks she can come once a week at any time she chooses. Who cares if I work and have kinda sorta a life. Dr. appts for one and all and it's Christmas with lots of "stuff" on the calendar.
I wonder why more people aren't foster parents? or want to foster to adopt?


Anita said...

My friend, I can truly "hear" your frustration! ((hug)) Sort of like that line in Forest Gump "Sometimes there just aren't enough rocks!" I'm beginning to realize how bafflingly frustrating foster/adopt can be. One GIANT "GRRRRR" just for you. Keep your chin up!

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

In some ways you lose all privacy and live in a glass fish bowl,in another way it seems like they know nothing or care nothing about you.Strange strange people.Sorry for your frustrations,i'm right their with ya.Jill